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Quotes / Superman Stays Out of Gotham

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I don't belong here. My place is in Gotham. Where my parents were murdered in the streets.

Supergirl: Then, what am I supposed to do? Just go, and pretend that none of this exists?
Buffy: No. You’re supposed to go, and leave it to us. We’re the trained professionals in this thing. We know what to do, Kara. Just like... and, well, you know I hate to bring this up... just like when I was in your body. I don’t know that much about super-heroing, but I’ll bet that Batman doesn’t call you up every time the Joker and he have a throwdown. You all have your spheres of influence. So do we. That’s why we’re here, Kara... and that’s why you’re there.

Tommy: An' what's up with the superguys? They never used to worry about garbage like federal restrictions...
Natt: I dunno. Gotham's Batboy's turf, ain't it? Could be he wants to do this his way.
Tommy: Could be he oughta wake the hell up an' call the Justice League.
Hitman, discussing the U.S. Government denying aid to Gotham City during No Man's Land and veering into this trope

Scott: Ok, the first thing we should do... is call the Avengers.
Hank: I spent thirty years protecting that technology from a Stark, I sure as hell don't intend to give it to another! This isn't some cute tech like the Iron Man suit, it could change the face of reality! Besides, they must already have their hands busy throwing cities out of the sky...

Don Cheadle (War Machine): Did you bring Hawkeye and Ant-Man too?
Anthony Mackie (The Falcon): Of course not! Who needs stupid Hawkeye anyway? And what’s Small Rudd gonna do, make the Infinity Gauntlet 50 feet tall so it’s impossible to snap the fingers? Shrink it to subatomic size so nobody could ever find it? HA HA HA HA … Wait a damn second ...
Chris Evans (Captain America): Yes, sadly Ant-Man is unavailable. And there’s no way the impending death of half the universe could be made a higher priority than his house arrest.
The Editing Room’s abridged script for Avengers: Infinity War


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