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Quotes / Supergirl (Rebirth)

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Eliza: Look at her go. It feels strange, Chase, blasting Kara off into space. This must be how her real parents felt.
Cameron: I think they'd relate.

Jeremiah: What did I miss?
Eliza: Just the launch, Jeremiah. But the new uniform sure fits.
Cameron: Years since I let you two get married and you still find ways to help me question that decision.
Supergirl: Comms are live. I can hear you two.
Eliza: We're your parents, Kara. We're not dead.

Supergirl: I know your anger. Your confusion. I remember it from when I was stranded here. Disoriented. A different language. Different world.
Lar-On: He —strand you?
Supergirl: People feared me, too. At first. This doesn't have to be you. You're not alone. Stop this. Let me help you. My father may have abandoned you... But I never will.

Supergirl: Eliza, Jeremiah — Do you need help?
Eliza: Not at all! I live to to work hours cleaning twenty square feet.
Supergirl: Sarcasm is not unique to Earth, you know.
Eliza: Good. You already speak my language. This adjustment process will be easy.

"Kara Danvers" is a tool for you to walk amongst the people you protect. I accept you on Earth, Supergirl. I believe in your potential. But I do not trust you. Not yet. But through Eliza, Jeremiah. Through your life as Kara, I hope you find your place. And my trust.
Director Cameron Chase