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Quotes / Supergirl (1982)

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Besides, I could do with the time to myself... to sit back and think. It's selfish, I know, but I deserve... Whoa! There you go again, Linda!
There's nothing selfish about wanting to get into yourself for a while instead of thinking about the whole blasted world! I do enough of that as Supergirl — and wasn't the whole reason for this move... to give myself space to be just plain Linda Danvers?
I've been Supergirl for such a long time, it seems. Not that I'd give that up for anything... but I feel like I've totally lost hold of the part of me that doesn't scoot around the universe in shorts and a cape! I've forgotten what it feels like to be just a person... Instead of a symbol!

Earth was kind of disappointing at first. All I could see was that it wasn't Argo City... didn't have the scientific majesty of my home world. And most importantly, it didn't have my parents!

I hate thinking of the fortune in ammunition thugs like you have wasted on me over the years!
Supergirl #12

Lieutenant Peters: You wanna play cop, join the department and get yourself a badge! Until then, stay out of my way!
Supergirl: You need a hint as to what you can do with your badge, Peters?
Supergirl #12

Supergirl: Going someplace, boys?
Mook: Not! Not Supergirl!''
Supergirl: What do you mean "Not Supergirl!"? What other blondes with a cape do you know who can fly?
Mook: (as she grabs him) Yikes!
Supergirl: Oh, now that's a snappy repartee! Remind me jot that one down for future reference!
Supergirl #21


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