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"So, in this comic we find out Superboy would rather be pimping out his ho than saving innocents."

A hero rises … after being inconvenienced when his vacation plans are disrupted! The Amazing Spider-Man!!!!!''

They told us that Returns just skipped over Superman III and IV, but I prefer to think of it as the movie that would’ve happened if Superman never got over being a douchebag in this one.
Chris Sims, David Uzumeri, and Matt Wilson on Superman III

"Hordes of impressionable poverty-stricken young people having all their arms and legs broken by an extremely-rich businessman."

This, boys and girls, is what we call a 'hook'. But don't worry; it's like what they used to do in superhero comics where the cover shows Superman about to dropkick a baby into a volcano or something to force you to buy the comic and discover "oh, turns out all along it was a volcano-shaped sweets shop when it's the baby's birthday".

Jay: This genetic experiment? The best superpower that Captain America comes out of it with is the ability to pretend he's sick so he can steal peoples' cars.
Jack: "I can run slightly faster than an old man!"
Jay: What a dick!

This must be American Bandstand, because you’re a dick, Clark.
ComicsAlliance on Smallville ("Covenant")

As he leaves, Superman comes across a magical white child who appears and offers him candy. Superman smiles, asks this random little kid to deliver a message to the drug dealers for him (?!?)"


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