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Sheldon: (knock, knock, knock) Amy. (knock, knock, knock) Amy. (knock, knock, knock) Amy.
Amy: (opens door) You are aware that your ritualistic knocking behaviour is symptomatic of obsessive compulsive disorder?
Sheldon: Is not. (beat) Is not, is not.

Leonard: Did it ever occur to you that not everyone has the compulsive need to sort, organise and label the entire world around them?
Sheldon: No.
Leonard: Well they don't. Hard as it may be for you to believe, most people don't sort their breakfast cereal numerically by fibre content.
Sheldon: Excuse me, but I think we've both found that useful at times.

Howard: [Sheldon]'s like a savant at organizing. Everything in his apartment has a label on it. Including his label maker, which has a label that says label maker. And if you look really close at that label maker label, you’ll see a tiny little label that says label.
Bernadette:' He’s our guest, we can’t just ask him to straighten our closet.
Howard: No, we wouldn’t ask him. We’d just show him the closet and let the goblins in his head take it from there.

"How do all these squares make a circle?! I just— no, no, it's fine. It's fine. It doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother me. It bothers me! It bothers me a lot! And that one's still green!"

"One, two, three, four, two, two, three, four, one, two, three, four..."
Jhin's mantra, League of Legends

Grif: Because doing things three times is fun, turning off light switches, locking the door, turning off light switches.
Simmons: You said turning off light switches twice.
Grif: You're right. I should probably say it a third time just to make sure no one I love dies, turning off light switches, there that feels better.
Simmons: Dude, you have issues.

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