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"You just sneezed... and flew ten feet in the air!"
"Really? It felt higher than that!"
Sokka and Aang (after the latter demonstrates an oddly rare side-effect of having this ability), Avatar: The Last Airbender

Super-Breath is handy, too, to dust out my room in one big blow!

Grace: Not the freeze breath. Not the freeze breath. Not the G.D. Freeze Breath!
Supergirl: Arctic Breath. At least that's what my cousin calls it. Argue with him about it.
Supergirl (2005): Girl Power

Clark Kent, in a black tux, held onto Lois with one arm, waved with the other, and winked at Linda. She smiled shyly at him. Linda didn't have to guess whose super-breath had guided those flowers just where he'd wanted them.


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