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Subliminal, in an unnoticeable way
Important, and hard to see.
'They Might Be Giants, "Subliminal"

" Could nefarious supercriminals have altered your favorite comic or puzzle, for evil purposes? It’s best to handle the Sudoku with tongs, just to be sure!"

If you play an Oasis album backwards you hear messages from Satan.
Even worse, if you play it forwards you hear Oasis.
—The "Really Brett Anderson" Twitter account

nevaeH ni tra hcihw rehtaF ruO, ruO rethaF hcihw tra ni nevaeH

Yvan eht nioj!

Roger Waters: "Congratulations, hunters, you've just discovered the secret message! Please send your answer to Old Pink, care of the Funny Farm, Chalfont..."
James Guthrie: *interrupts* "Roger, Carolyne is on the phone."
Roger Waters: "Okay."
Pink Floyd, "Empty Spaces," The Wall

The videotapes themselves are unremarkable - unless you can pick out the subliminal messages keyed into the magnetic tracks. Messages like "support your police," "protect your family - report all strangers," and "it is good, so very good, to belong." Operating in a hidden Construct (possibly outside of mundane reality) Block Party's tech staff dubs these messages onto all your favourite films. Within a few weeks, local citizens become concerned watchdogs. Before long, they reevaluate local individuals, locations and philosophies. If someone seems too strange or steps too far outside "community values" local couch potatoes can become an irate mob. Now that's entertainment! And it's suitable for the whole family...
Mage: The Ascension - The Technomancer's Toolbox

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