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"You hear about that Lone Wanderer? What a hero!"
"You mean the one who blew up that city?"
"Yeah, but did you see how many water bottles she gave to that hobo?"

"You've gotta help us, Doc! We've tried nothin' and we're all out of ideas!"
Agnes Flanders, The Simpsons, "Hurricane Neddy"

Zack: "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," says the goblin in goblinese. "I'm the dungeon's maintenance goblin. This trap was supposed to be turned off but I just got sucked into this House marathon they were running and here we are. Let me get you out of there." He starts clearing away the zombies and unlocking the gates.
Steve: I ask him if he knows where the best treasure in the dungeon can be found and also, I guess, where the Unknown is.
Zack: "Oh, sure, no problem. I'll mark the treasure room on your map. Let me just get you out of here..." He opens the gate and as soon as he does Nikka and Trebbelos leap out and begin howling and stabbing him with daggers.
Steve: No! I try to stop them!
Zack: Their bloodlust cannot be stopped. As neutral characters every good deed they do must be counterbalanced by a senseless act of evil.

The druid doesn't have to change sides every time the tide changes.

Skrimir: How could a laguz be so cold to his brothers? We are your people as well!
Tibarn: This isn't news, Skrimir. Goldoa and its lizards have ignored the suffering of their laguz brothers for centuries. They even looked the other way while we birds and beasts were enslaved by the beorc! Isn't that so, Dragon King?
Deghinsea: ...Our country is neutral. It has been since time out of mind and will continue to be so.
Ike: Then you might as well just kill us now. It'd be the same as sending us back to the Kauku Caves, and it saves us the walk.
Deghinsea: You are a beorc. I would not expect your short-lived kind to understand.
Ike: I don't need to understand to see that it's a poor king who has so little regard for his fellow living creatures!

"The centrist has no guiding principle. The centrist does not want an egalitarian, prioritarian, sufficientarian, left or right utilitarian, or libertarian society. The centrist does not know what the centrist wants, the centrist just thinks that the conflict is silly and that the two sides should just 'get along'. What the centrist really proposes is that both sides abandon their principles and settle for whatever they can get, because the centrist does not really care about the issue or about the debate in the first place. The centrist doesn't think any of it really matters, that it's all really just a trivial disagreement, and that getting along is more important than creating an ethical or just society. Centrism stands for indecision, apathy, and conflict avoidance."
Benjamin Studebaker, "Intellectual Hipsters: Centrists"


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