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Quotes / Stupid Jetpack Hitler

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"Amazing. This history, it's all lies! It says Hitler killed himself, and that we nuked Japan! And people believe this shit, Jesus... Well, if it makes them sleep better at night, I guess."

"By the end of the game I wouldn't have been too surprised if Hitler appeared riding a giant robot spider."
Yahtzee reviews Medal of Honor: Airborne, Zero Punctuation note 

"Nazi science sneers at the boundary between life and death!"
Colonel Haken, Irregular Webcomic!

Chris: Seriously, these guys could not be more obvious references to the Nazis.
David: Darkseidís minions in the original comics could not be more obvious references to the Nazis.
Chris: The only thing that makes it better is when Hawkman tells Clark that Darkseid was responsible for creating the ACTUAL Nazis... which makes me think of Franklin Roosevelt in a Kirby-styled Astro-Harness wheelchair, which, again, is a comic I would read the hell out of. Make a note, DC.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Icarus")