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"The reason Quiet wears very little clothing in Metal Gear Solid V is because it is very hot. The tragic history of Quiet shows that she suffered from heat stroke as a child and therefore refuses to put on more clothes due to her fear of suffering from it again. It’s very moving... So of course I would also have many regrets on how I handled Sniper Wolf in the original Metal Gear Solid. I forgot that it was very cold in Alaska and so I did not put on enough clothes for her in her character design."

"When she finally launches into a Spinning Bird Kick to beat up five gunmen, it takes place in a room full of stripper poles... And when you've released Street Fighter: Legend of This Time We're Just Focusing On The Hot Asian, 'pandering' is no longer a flaw but your entire marketing strategy. It even makes sense, since a strip club is the only place you could conceivably find Chun-Li's costume."

"In case you’ve forgotten, Bai Ling is an actress (well, at least until Professional Sexy Lady becomes a recognized career) and her latest movie The Key was screened at The Real Experimental Film Festival in Hollywood last night. Having your movie screen at a film festival is a pretty big deal for an actress, so obviously Bai made sure to look her best on the red carpet. Bai (Miss Ling if you nasty) wore a custom-made self-adhesive top that she paired with an elegant hand-woven peek-a-boo skirt and chiffon showgirl train. Bai has accessorized her look with the key to her storage locker in the Valley worn around her neck and a playful silk rose stapled to her crotch. I believe the silk rose is either Chanel or Hobby Lobby."

In Fantastic Four #372, Sue Richards used her powers to make a whole roomful of people's clothes disappear. Hey, give her a break: It was the only way she could make herself look overdressed in her current costume.
Marvel Year in Review 1993

Simon Barrett: We really need to talk about the wardrobe in this film which is... First of all, I almost feel the movie implicates you, the viewer, in its own lustful lasciviousness because when I say a phrase like "There is not a brassiere worn in this film," it makes me sound like...
Jay: But why do they have to wear bras?
Simon:But you will know very quickly that no one in this film is wearing a bra. They are all wearing basically torn rags barely covering their erect nipples, and I just don't know how else to phrase that. They jiggle and they bounce and you are just like, "This is not appropriate army garb."
Best of the Worst, discussing Mankillers


"Her dress, it's just like my insurance plan: hardly covers anything."

"Hi, I'm Wonder Woman! Look at my bustier! You'd think I'd get cold fighting crime in my underwear, but I'm a hot-blooded Amazon!"
Lois Lane doing a Wonder Woman impersonation, Superman Vol 2

The next day Tiana went to work wearing a revealing outfit that could qualify for being She Cleans Up Nicely and Stripperiffic if this story were ever mentioned on TV Tropes.

Kid Devil: He has a point. A belly shirt is hardly a uniform.
Brenda: Seriously? She wears— Who fights in a belly shirt?
Kid Devil: My point exactly! And those skirts are ridiculous combat gear.
Paco: Wait, those other girls are out there flying in skirts?! Personally, I approve.

"And before anyone cries out that these kind of outfits, "distract the enemy," allow me to point out the fact that any villain worth his money isn't going to give a rat's ass if they're in body armor, much less these outfits — they're going to be running like hell and shooting back at whoever's pursuing them because they don't want to get CAUGHT. They'll shoot at a superhero whether she's starkers or fully-covered because they know what'll happen if they don't."
Linkara, Sultry Teenage Super Foxes review

Motoko: Why is it that women who fight in sci-fi and fantasy stories are always half-clothed?
Sci-Fi Club President: W-well, you see Gettou-kun....Those stories don't happen in the same world we live in. In those worlds, the average temperatures are a lot higher. That's why they're always half-clothed (or naked).
Motoko: Ah, so that's it.

"And her special ability is somehow not dying while only wearing half the armour of the other guys."
Unskippable, on Huxley

"It may not look it, but this is actually our battle uniform. It affords little protection, but it does provide mobility — and it's fashionable!"
A female guard, Final Fantasy IV

"Lesson One: Don't mistake concealment for cover."
Andrea Dalton, Code Geass Lelouch of Brittania

Durkon: Tha's na leather armor! Leather armor be stiff an' boiled ta deflect blows.
Salesman: Of course, men's leather armor. Women's leather armor pretty much amounts to any attractive outfit that has one or more leather items in it. I once sold a winsome young lass a leather headband that was more effective than plate.

"It’s becoming really depressing that things actual strippers wear would be more functional that what comic book protagonists have on their bodies."
Aaron Diaz, in a blog post about superhero redesigns

"And you have to wear these dreary uniforms. I mean who could look good in this?"
—Guest Star Raquel Welch explaining the downside of being a silver metal cat suited space commander to Mindy on Mork & Mindy

Kokonoe: "No advice for you until you explain yourself... or rather, your shelf..."
Makoto: "You want me to explain furniture?"
Kokonoe: "No, you twit! I'm talking about your ta-tas! Headlights! Sweater puppies! Your BOOBS!" *bounces around from A-Cup Angst* "Who goes out dressed like that?! How do you live, knowing you're one strong breeze or sudden cough away from a massive wardrobe malfunction?! Between Litchi's cleavage and your underboob action, we're looking like a damn H-game up in here!"
Makoto's Help Me!! Professor Kokonoe!! segment, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend

"Women make better warriors than men!" declared B'Lar Nah. "You pathetic males can only do battle in camouflage uniforms or powered exoskeletons, while we women always fight in tight, skimpy outfits! note  An exposed bosom is a sign of courage amongst the K'mon!" she cried, brandishing her impressive weapons. "Many times I have fought alone to defend my honor against entire armies of hungry males — and that was before I'd even met the enemy!"
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

Bysshe wears women's clothing but reluctantly and only for this shot, and the curl of her lip betrays disdain of the bizarre, flare-waisted swimming costume that so titillates the crowds. Later, she would write of the severe wind-burns she suffered in cannon-flight due to the totally inadequate protection of that flutter of black silk.
The Radiant Car Thy Sparrows Drew by Catherynne M. Valente

Castle: Alexis!!! What...are you...doing here...dressed like that?
Alexis: We're's a tribe of female assassins who—
Castle: —don't wear clothes?
Castle, "The Final Frontier"

"Exposed flesh is strictly for non-lethal situations. I have worn chainmail underwear and nothing else but boots, but only in the bedroom. What can I say? Some people have funny ideas about armor."
Babylon Steel, Dangerous Gifts

Igno: Oh, what's [Kill la Kill] about?
Kohaku: Um...girl steps up to take down crazy fascist empire. >.>
Lust: That's what that show was about? I thought it was about a skimpy costume.
Kohaku: It's about both, shaddup. >_<

"Are you sure this is clothing?"
Agnès, Bravely Default

Bashir: Wait a minute, aren't you two wearing the wrong color?
O'Brien: Don't you know anything about this period in time?
Bashir: Dammit, I'm a doctor, not an historian.
Sisko: In the old days, Operations officers wore red, Command officers wore gold...
Dax: (Walk-In Chime-In wearing TOS miniskirt) ...and women wore less.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Trials and Tribble-ations"

"Ever had that nightmare where you are at work in your underwear? That's me. Everyday."

Because I've got my armor, which is really rather silly, on
(It's cut so low I feel like I'm the topless tow'rs of Ilion,
And isn't any use against attackers sagittarian).
I am the very model of a heroine barbarian!
Xena; or, The Warrior Princess, a Filk Song by Kevin Wald.

Rarely has the costume bill for so many dancers been so low
Fallen London, when staging the most scandalous ballet possible

Enchantress: Do all women dress like you, in your country?
Female Wizard Nephalem: Well, I do show slightly more than most.

[Alien Grunts' armor is] weird because it shows off their obvious alien pectoral muscles. That's not practical. That's the kind of armor a male stripper would wear. Are we being invaded by strippers? I assumed this invasion was the normal conquering variety, but maybe it has a strange kinky alien context.
Gordon Freeman muses on Half-Life's armor designs.

Wearing such skimpy armor by choice? A mark of her confidence in [sic] being able to fight in any outfit.

Laurie: Why did we do it, Dan? Dress up like that?
Dan: No-one else would.
Laurie: Yeah, but do you remember my costume? All that tight latex, I mean it was awful!
Dan: (takes deep breath) Ah, yeah...yeah...awful.

Sunfire: Oh, Morph, it's perfect! A fabric comprised of unstable molecules that can adapt to my fire!
Sunfire: It was a mess! And I was, y'know, practically falling out of it!
Morph: Practically nothing, hot buns! You were out all over the place, like Courtney Love at an awards show! Must say, though, you've got some great groceries falling out of the bag - if you know what I mean.
Morph: I'm saying you have nice-
Sunfire: MORPH!
Morph: What? I'm stating for clarity's sake, Mariko. You said-
Sunfire: SHUT! UP!
Exiles #5: Up North And In The Green 1

She was wearing that outfit! The one he'd expressly forbidden her to wear. The glass brassiere with the live goldfish swimming inside, the thin red belt and nothing else! Just the diamond high heels and the gold anklet.
Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers


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