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Quotes / Stories: Path of Destinies

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Reynardo wondered who was leaving chests of sword craftin supplies around. He wanted to thank him.
— Random message upon opening a treasure chest

What were these poles, exactly? Parking meters from the time of the Lost Gods?
— The narrator lampshading convenient terrain features for the hookshot to work on

Once, he'd found a Superman issue number 1 in mint condition in a jar he'd broken. He planned to keep breaking things until he had the whole series.
— Random message upon breaking pots

The Core was protecting Reynardo from the Iblis Stone's dark influence, but too much killing would overload it. He had to find inner peace, to maintain balance.
But overloading the core did not sound reassuring. Maybe Reynardo could try to find peace real quick, then go back into the fray in time to save the Rebellion. To the mountains he would need to go.
— Choice description for "At peace... yes, that almost makes sense."

That is a very cool sword, thought Reynardo. No, seriously, he could not feel his paw anymore.
— Message upon switching to the frost sword for the first time

He'd once met a pirate captain who used hooks to get around his ship. What was his name again?

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