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Prince Kuzovlev rode out inside a monolithic block of black groznium, which Vronsky knew to be well-armored but utterly useless in offensive capability. Vronsky and his comrades knew Kuzovlev and his peculiarity of "weak nerves" and terrible vanity; they knew he was afraid of everything and therefore had entered the field in this upright coffin of an Exterior, prepared to survive a Cull but never to win one.
Android Karenina

Kenny Florian: Talk us through that fight a little bit, man. It was... It was the king of smash basically. Who was going to come out on top?
Greg Gibson: Yeah. I mean, that fight was always going to go three minutes. You cannot kill DUCK!. Uh... That thing is just indestructible, so... The hope was just keep hitting it and kind of come out better, but our drum stopped so that got... pretty scary.
-Aftermath of Yeti vs. DUCK!, BattleBots 2019 Season

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