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"Buckaroo Banzai will return in.... 'The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Against the World Crime League!'"

Raj: "Hey, I know what to do tonight! Let's watch a marathon of movies that killed their franchises!"
Leonard: "Oh, yeah... like Jaws 4, Indiana Jones 4, Superman 4, Daredevil....."

"Word of advice, guys: concentrate on botching up the first shitty-ass movie before you start thinking of ways on how to fuck up the next one."

Santa Christ: Ah, I remember this! This is the first in a series of films that Shyamalan was planning to work on!
The Devil: Well, why aren't there more?
Santa Christ (with a "isn't that obvious?" face): Because the first one was Devil!

"Is there even a point to having X-Men Origins at the beginning? I mean, they never made another one. Why? Because this movie sucked that hard! There's tons of X-Men, but they never gave them another X-Men Origins movie, because...yeah, this killed it! On the first try!"

Notice how Pryzm labels itself as "Chapter One," as if it were only the first step on the grand rainbow journey of Pryzm sequels. Well, I just checked with the future, and I'll skip you ahead to the title of the next edition—Pryzm Chapter Two: Legend of the Never Going to Happen.
Seanbaby's The Rest of the Crap

"But to be perfectly honest, I don’t think we can count our sequels before they hatch. "

Haha! They thought there was going to be a sequel. That's adorable...

From the company that went bankrupt in the '90s and sold off the rights to their most popular characters, comes a film based on the equivalent of left-over scrap metal, proving that Marvel can build a franchise around just about anybody! ...Except the Hulk.note 

Wow, you're calling this "Book One" right off the bat, eh? You seem pretty confident that you'll be able to make Books Two and Three. Might I advise you not to count your chickens before they bomb at the box office?
— The Smeghead's (belated) advice to M. Night Shyamalan on The Last Airbender, Cinematic Excrement

It proudly announces its intention to be the first part of an epic trilogy, which in terms of tempting fate, is right up there with a character in a horror movie uttering the words "Everything's going to be all right", then getting their tits out.

Imagine if this were the first act. This would be on the verge of being a cool movie. Instead, I have a sneaking suspicion this whole movie is a first act; in case it was popular enough to get a sequel. Later: These four somehow fly back to Earth via the direct to other dimension link Doom had — oh, f*ck it! Just roll the credits already! This s*it is beyond unsequelable already! Just shut it down.
Jeremy Scott of CinemaSins on Fantastic Four (2015)

Don't go out and announce a cinematic universe before you know the audience actually wants it, otherwise it is just going to be embarrassing for everybody.
Midnight's Edge's take on failed cinematic universes with special emphasis on The Mummy (2017)


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