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Simmons: What is that thing?
Donut: What thing!?
Grif: There's something on your head.
Donut: What, is it a spider? Get it off!
Simmons: No, it's not a spider, it's like a blue thing.
Donut: What, like a blue spider? Get it off!
Grif: It's not a spider. Calm down. It's some kind of fuzzy, pulsating thing.
Donut: That doesn't sound much better than a spider.
Simmons: Does it hurt?
Donut: No.
Simmons: Maybe we should try to take it off.
Grif: Good idea; go for it.
Simmons: Me? By "we" I meant "you", asshole.
Donut: Well somebody needs to get it off. Look, it might be dangerous.
(grenade explodes)
Simmons and Grif: Son of a bitch!

"Since you APPARENTLY didn't get my message the first time, I'll tell you again. See the orange end? Don't touch it. Once you take the wrapping off, the adhesive is ACTIVE. DON'T TOUCH IT. YOU STICK THAT END ON BAD THINGS, NOT YOURSELF. The cadets? Those lives are on you, not me."
Sticky Bomb shipping details, Risk of Rain

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