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There were days you didn't eat. There were nights when you cruised the pubs for barfly hags in their 50s - not for the sex but for a place to sleep. You suffered for your art by peddling your ass, by scoring underage tail for directors and by ruthlessly cutting loose anyone who didn't have what you needed to succeed. People put you onstage because they owed you one, because they were tired of telling you no, or because they were afraid of what you might tell their spouse... but once you were onstage, they couldn't deny it. You had talent, you had energy, you had stage presence!
Thespian Spy, Vampire: The Masquerade - Clanbook: Toreador (Revised)

Artist: I want to devote my life to ART
Artwork: you also need money to live
Artist's tombstone: Oh no
Webcomic Name, "Artist"

My name is Ted. I'm a successful artist with thousands of fans but I made like 12k last year and I live like a 17th-century ship stowaway. I honestly have no idea how I don't have scurvy right now. ...I've had books out from major publishers, had a comedy special on CTV, won awards... I go back home and people stare at me and talk about how famous I am, but the arts economy being what it is, I literally am poor! I am a poor person. There are definitely some kind of handouts I could be collecting right now if I was actually responsible.
Ted L from People Watching, Episode 7

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