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A gentle story of two lovers young,
Who met in innocence and died in sorrow,
And of one selfish heart, whose rancour clung
Like curses on them; are ye slow to borrow
The lore of truth from such a tale?
Or in this world’s deserted vale,
Do ye not see a star of gladness
Pierce the shadows of its sadness,—
When ye are cold, that love is a light sent
From Heaven, which none shall quench, to cheer the innocent?

"Holly and I are like Romeo and Juliet and this office is like the dragon that kept them apart."
Michael Scott, The Office

Is it written in the stars?
Are we paying for some crime?
Is that all that we are good for-
Just some stretch of mortal time?
Or some god's experiment
In which we have no say-
In which we're given paradise,
But only for a day...
Aida & Radames, Aida (John/Rice) (Elton John)

I'm turnin' off the light right now
I'm callin' it a night now
Wishin' you were 'round with me
But you're in a different town than me
We've been through it all
But you could never spit it out for me
Tryna talk to a wall
But you could never tear it down for me, yeah
Halsey, "Now or Never"

This is difficult. Your times are so far apart that the distance makes people despair.
If you want to meet again, two miracles must occur; One must wait continuously, one must pursue endlessly.
They must realise that it is impossible to succeed, yet at the same time be capable of enduring patiently.
Is that...the story of a dream that shouldn't be waited upon?
But, whether this thing is right or wrong is another topic altogether.
Artoria. The era is changing alongside the people, the only one who's still like that time is you.
A dream is only beautiful because it is a dream. But for you, you would probably be happier slumbering as if dead.
Merlin's prophecy about Saber and Shirou from Fate/stay night. Saber ignores Merlin's suggestion, and they successfully reunite in Avalon.

Like Day from Night,
I'll live my life apart from you, just glimpsing you across the sky,
because you cannot change, my dear, and nor can I."
— "Love Song of Night and Day", Unfulfilled Desires, Magic: The Gathering

Two lovers, forbidden from one another
A war divides their people, and a mountain divides them apart.

You and I
We've seen it all
Chasing our hearts' desire
But we go on pretending
Stories like ours
Have happy endings
Florence and Anatoly, Chess

And many a time between them went and came
The fondest tokens of their deathless flame;
Now in hope's heaven, now in despair's abyss,
And now enrapt in visionary bliss.
— English translation of the poem "Laili and Majnun"

Our eyes don't meet,
our voices don’t reach
Only our sighs synchronize perfectly.
Vocaloid, The wolf who fell in love with little red riding hood (English translation)

I cannot follow you, my love
You cannot follow me
I am the distance you put between
All of the moments that we will be...
Leonard Cohen, "You Know Who I Am"

saffron skies raise the blazing sun
a chance encounter, awkward displays
one day, my love, we'd be as one

with two entwined. A set course, begun
that frenetic, wild, lustrous haze;
azure skies host the radiant sun

above us beaming as we run
down that aisle, a fervent craze
that day, my love, we became as one

with future unfolded - the life we'd won
commitment and duty, for the family we'd raise
cerulean skies ferry the shimmering sun

Buried. Shackled by fate - overrun
by ever-growing resent and malaise
yesterday, my love, we were as one

now you lie here, the life in you gone
in the dark outside of her rays
crimson skies bear the torch; our sun
today, my love, we'll be as one

Sometimes, I think of the sun and moon as lovers
Who rarely meet, always chase and almost miss one another
But once in a while, they do catch up
And the world stares in awe of their eclipse
Tumblr, from this Miraculous Ladybug photo set.

'Sir,' she began, 'it is not wrong of me to speak to you,' and the very words gave him a jar of unexpected truth; for in all the novels he had ever read she would have begun: 'It is wrong of me to speak to you.'"
G. K. Chesterton, The Ball and the Cross

"And now I have to accept the possibility that there is no happy ending. That you and I are meant to be together, but never meant to be."
Nightfall, to Gary


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