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"Jake, who is Rachel's cousin, is our sort-of leader. Not because he asked to be. It's probably because he'd never ask to be. You know, he's one of those tiresomely dutiful, level-headed guys. If you met Jake, you'd understand why we turn to him. Call it charisma. Something about Jake commands respect."
Marco, Animorphs

Nostalgia Critic: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna start this review.
Fat Kid: You, why you?
Critic: (sigh) Because I'm the charming, awkward, shy main character with a heart of gold that gets the most focus.
Black Kid: But we're like a million times more interesting than you.
Critc: And that's why you'll sell more toys, but we still need to keep the focus on the wonder-bread protagonist: me!
Geeky Kid: Statistically this seems the most illogical.
Critic: That's The '80s in a nutshell.
The Nostalgia Critic, Monster Squad review

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