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Fan Works

"Alex is everything ok is their something you want to tell me?"
"Um yeah I do first what is your name?"
"Oh yeah it's Phoenix Hunter, but I go by Phoenix… sorry I've been kind of stalking you for the past eight months, but I just wanted to know if you felt the same way that I do and if you knew who I was."
"Ok well I do how I don't know but that first dream I had of you, you blew me away and I just knew that I belong with you Phoenix I just needed to find you or the other way around you found me but how?"
The House of Night fic Soul-Mates demonstrates the typical finesse with which this trope is handled

The dark tom purred with amusement. "You silly furball. I would do it because I love you."
"A-are you sure? You're not just saying that because I killed you? What about Squirrelflight?"
Brambleclaw touched his nose to Ashfur's. "Yes, I'm sure. I love you, not that manipulative she-cat."
"I-I love you too." Ashfur purred and leaned into the other tom's flank.
Forever, a Warrior Cats fanfic

Film — Animated

"I was hiding under your porch because I love you."
Dug the talking dog, Up

Light Novels

"Oh, crap! Is she a stalker? Wait. If she's cute it's okay, rig—No, this is bad. It might go like... She might stab me! Or set my house on fire! And what if she takes my parents hostage?... But, maybe she has a nice personality. Then it would be okay, right?... Wait. If she did, she wouldn't be stalking me!"
Mikado, Durarara!!


So he stalked her again.
Love makes hunters of us all.

"I’d just admitted to stalking her, and she was smiling."
Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun

Live-Action TV

Ted: It's a meet-cute!
Lily: It's a stalk-crazy.
Ted: Look, there’s a fine line between love and insanity. It’s the Dobler-Dahmer Theory. [...] If both people are into each other, a big romantic gesture works, like Lloyd Dobler holding up the boom box outside Diane Court’s window in Say Anything.... But if one person isn’t into the other the same gesture comes off serial killer-crazy. Or...Dahmer. [...] Whether a gesture’s charming or alarming depends on how it’s received. And I was charmed by Jeanette finding me, hence she’s a Dobler.
How I Met Your Mother, "P.S. I Love You"

"It's charming when Meg Ryan stalks a man. Less so when, say, a large, whiskery man with a shriveled hand and a gun collection stalks Meg Ryan."'
Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese, reviewing Sleepless in Seattle.

"Stalking is such a dirty word. I prefer to think of it as extreme liking."
Mark, Peep Show

I'm gonna bring my love to you!
I'll be there no matter what ya do!
I'll drive a car or take the train
I'll come by bike or boat or plane
I'll ride a horse, I'll paddle a canoe
I'm gonna get to you! (Na na na na na na na!)
I'm gonna get to you! (Na na na na na na na!)
I'm gonna get to you! (Na na na na na na na!)
I'm gonna get to you! (Na na na na na na na!)
Just hop a bus, baby, I don't care!
Go anyplace or anywhere
I'll track you down on land or air or sea!
I'll swim across the ocean wide
And through ice and snow, I'll slip and slide
There's no escape, ya just can't hide from me!
I'm gonna get to you! (Na na na na na na na!)
I'm gonna get to you! (Na na na na na na na!)
I'm gonna get to you! (Na na na na na na na!)
I'm gonna get to you! (Na na na na na na na!)
— "I'm Gonna Get To You", Cecille the Ball from Sesame Street

Web Video

"Soon we did everything together"
"He taught me how to fly a kite"
"I watched him grow into a stallion"
"It's not, creepy"
I Gave You My Heart And Then You Turned Around, Twilight Sparkle, Friendship is Witchcraft


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