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"I was watching these little boys as they were watching ("The Deadly Assassin"). And then the actors started talking about the plot, and the boys lost interest; naturally they did. And they glanced over and did an amazing double take. 'GAAASP.' Like St. Bernadette, you know, at Lourdes. 'OOOH! AAAAH!' They couldn't believe it. And then instantly—it's very interesting, when people are happy, we're instantly anxious about whether it will last or not—these little boys, who were only about 6 and 7 said, 'But when we get to school, who'll believe us? They won't believe us, dad!' And so they had to go next door and get a tape recorder, and I had to sign a declaration, and all sorts of things like that to reassure them."

"Few things excite me more than seeing the TARDIS make a beautiful landing in a picturesque setting (I don't get out much)"

"Even as a gigantic man-nerd whose wardrobe consists of 90% Superman shirts, at this point the prospect of another superhero movie sends me into a 17th century-style fit of the vapours that require me be fanned out of catatonia by a passing gentleman."

Excuse me, but I need a moment to slip into the kitchen and brew myself an extra-large mug of Throat Coat to deal with the 3rd degree scream damage I sustained from reacting to this news with a decibel-shattering YAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS.
DListed, "Fox Has Confirmed That An X-Files Reboot Is Happening"

"The powers-that-be at Marvel were all in their offices one day, doing what they usually do (burn money for fun), when one of them said out loud, 'You know, that Bendable Cummysnatch fellow is really underexposed, so we should give the kid a little attention and cast him in one of our tiny movies.' ...they needed an actor with the kind of crazy, obsessed fans who will empty out their 401ks to buy out an entire IMAX theater showing Doctor Strange so they can jack it in peace."

"Alright, just promise you won't scream like a girl."
Hank Hill, who explains to Bobby that, yes, he can have a rose garden (and then he promptly squees like a girl)

"Agatha Christie."
"What about her?"
"...That's me."
Agatha Christie and Donna Noble, Doctor Who

Elliott: Yeah, didn't any of you hear that one girl scream?
Tedd: We're in a high school cafeteria. A girl screams every five minutes.
—cut to—
Lisa: EEEEEK! I love your lip gloss!
Amanda:EEEEEK! Me too!

Johny: Why do you keep bringing weird stuff home? I think that school's warping your mind.
Rob: Eee!
(cut to several flashbacks of Rob squeeing at Johny in past times)
Rob: Eee! Eee! Eee!
(back in reality)
Johny: No, wait, you've always been crazy.
Siblings, "Dog Daze of Boredom"

She let out a string of ecstatic noises. It was the first time in her life Asuka had actually heard someone 'squee'.
A Crown of Stars, chapter 27

I will not squee. Squee is the mindkiller. Squee is the little death that brings... oh my God, they had a baby mecha-Rudolph, and he was ADORABLE!
Taylor valiantly failing to avoid this trope, Magical Girl Lyrical Taylor


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