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Quotes / Spell My Name with a "The"

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"It's got to be 'The' (Something)s. All the best Sixties bands were 'The' (Something)s."
Jimmy Rabbit, The Commitments

Sands: (referring to El Mariachi) Does he have a name?
Cucuy: We call him "El." As in "the."
Sands: (irritated) I know what it means, thank you.

Matt, Jackie, and/or Inez: Hacker!
The Hacker: That's The Hacker to you.

"You may be a doctor, but I'm the Doctor. The definite article, you might say."
The Doctor, Doctor Who, "Robot"

"The Library. So big it doesn't need a name; just a great big 'The'."

Haru: Let's go, Duke!
The Duke: I told you! It's the Duke!

"Everyone loves the me! I'm a terrific athlete!"
Homestar Runner (originally called "The Homestar Runner"), Homestar Runner, "The Strongest Man in the World"

Charname: I take it your name is Thumb?
The Thumb: It be more proper to be callin' me "the" Thumb. Thumb alone just don't be soundin' right. Named after the hook here, naturally...

Warden: Why do they call you "the Sten"?
Sten: The same reason they call you "the Warden".

"I like having an article at the front. It makes it sound like I'm not even a person, just a mindless weapon. An implement of destruction. That really works for me."

"I’m the Slayer. (Riley just looks at her) Slay-er? Chosen One. (Riley is still lost) She Who Hangs Out A Lot In Cemeteries? You’re kidding. Ask around. Look it up: Slayer comma The."

Tai Lung: You can't beat me, you're just a big fat panda!
Po: I'm not a big fat panda. I'm THE big fat panda!

"Some say that his first name really is 'The'. All we know is, he's called 'The Stig'."
Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear

The Countess: I am the Countess Rifchevsky.
Max: I am the Maxwell Smart.
Get Smart, "Aboard the Orient Express"


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