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Quotes / Sound-Only Death

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Sammy Lawrence: "No! My lord! Stay back! I am your prophet! I am- *noises of being ripped apart and eaten alive*"

"Show this guy what we do to cops!"
"Say hello to the Devil for me!"
"Behind you!"
"I've been hit! Pablo, kill them! Kill them!"
"Make your gun spark like the Devil himself!"
*More Gunshots*
"Burn in hell, you bastards!"
"Oh, sweet Jesus, he's got me!"
"Mark, over there! Grab it! I use it to cut firewood!"
"Now you're killing me with that chainsaw!"
"He took away my chainsaw, and now he's using it on me!"
"Oh, God, is that a hand grenade?"
*Loud Explosion*

Jessica: I didn't see it. I heard them. Hordes of them.
Hendrickson: What 'hordes'?
Jessica: Children. Davids. I heard them streaming into the bunker above us. I heard the soldiers screaming, and then it got very, very quiet. Nothing, except the smell of death.

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