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"Every time I defeat a villain, a more powerful one pops up. I would love to go back to the days where I was fighting Dr. Insano! I hardly had to break a sweat! And that's where you are now! Easy mode! Stay there! Treasure your mostly harmless shmuck of a villain!"

If my weakest troops fail to eliminate a hero, I will send out my best troops instead of wasting time with progressively stronger ones as he gets closer and closer to my fortress.
Evil Overlord List item #80.

Black Mage: Where do all these dragons come from anyway?
Red Mage: This is the endgame. Endgames are at least 70% dragon. Demons are also fairly popular.
8-Bit Theater #1009, "Demon-stration"

"Think back to the first season. How much fucking effort did the Drazens have to go through to actually get an assassin anywhere near David Palmer? Season 2. How much planning and action had to be taken in order to actually attempt to detonate the nuke?
Fast forward about eight years...suddenly a group of about ten men can invade the White House, a corporation can smuggle biological weapons into America without a problem, a device to control all of America's infrastructure can be operated just like that and the First Gentleman can almost be assassinated by visiting someone's apartment."
alternativejoe, GameFAQs Television: Broadcast TV Board, talking about the gradual upscaling of the threat level in 24

We're going for the strongest one first!? Th-That's not the normal order...!
Atsuro Kihara, Devil Survivor

"Thus ends a sad villain's story about an evil menace that failed to register in public memory simply because it appeared just a little too late in time."
Dragon Ball Z: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return, regarding two Frieza-tier enemies that attack after the end of the series.

"If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favorable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons."
Winston Churchill (by way of explaining his alliance with the Stalinist USSR)

"It's the sort of victory that can cost us the war. We were hoping to get a Yuuzhan Vong commander of average skills, with an average fleet, and I suspect that we did. We were going to string him along for as much time as we could, but circumstances today dictated that we wipe him out right away. The next one they send is going to be much tougher, and that's going to make things more difficult for all of us."
General Wedge Antilles, Star Wars: The New Jedi Order — Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream

"I was thinking about how strong enemies show up in manga. After them, an even stronger enemy shows up, and after them, an even stronger one... so what happens at the very end? It's kind of like thinking about the edges of the universe. Once you look about the world, you realize that what it really means to be a "strong" person is not to do bad things. "An enemy who does bad things" is a person who has "a spiritual weakness," and what's truly scary is when someone takes that weakness and uses it to lash out against others."

Zordon: Do you have any idea what you've done?
Red Omega Ranger: Lord Zedd won't be bothering you again.
Zordon: Right now, that is the least of my concerns. My Rangers are still maturing as a team. And Lord Zedd, while formidable, was an adversary I was confident they could handle. Now...something will replace him. [...] You came to the aid of my Rangers, and for that, you have my gratitude. However, your actions may have inadvertantly accelerated an attack on Earth for which we are grossly unprepared.

"The Powers of Darkness aren't spreading in File Island alone. Across the sea, there are more Digimon who have far greater powers of evil than I do! You guys are finished."

"The other two saiyans besides me who are still alive have an even higher battle power than I do!"


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