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Quotes / Someone Else's War

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"Because you're not evil, even if you've done evil things."

"They can desensitize you, reprogram you, beat you, rape you, put the fear of God in you, but they can't kill your kindness. They can smother it—but it always comes back. I've seen that. Whether you're with them months...years...even weeks. They can't kill kindness."

"I don't remember them well. I was eight when I decided I'd go to the LRA. I thought about them every morning, every night, hoping that the more I thought about them, the stronger the memory would be. It's the opposite. I can barely remember my mother's laugh. I remember her crying when we didn't have enough food, but the words, the sound of her voice...they're gone. I can see my father lifting my sister, playing with her... Why can't I see their faces?"

"I've always thought, 'If you can save someone, then you must. You must.' "

"Some people care. And some people don't. It's easy to point fingers and say, 'Good people care, bad people don't!' But I don't know what makes humans care about each other. I feel sad when children have their childhood taken away. I had a nice childhood, so if you think it's transference, it's not. I just care. I know you do, too."
—Lieutenant Panga

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