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That psychologist back in school, she gave me the PCL-R, that's a test where they rate you from zero to forty based on personality traits of sociopaths. Glibness, inflated ego, violence, juvenile delinquency, all that serial killer shit. Anything above a score of thirty gets you a diagnosis of sociopathy. I got a twenty-nine. And the irony is that I had to steal the file from the cabinet to find out that score. Do you think that's worth the extra point?
David Wong, John Dies at the End

Burn Gorman is probably the strongest performer of the ensemble but in year one he is handed the least presentable character. Owen is one of the most conceited, abrasive, disagreeable characters it has ever been my displeasure to watch. He starts off in "Everything Changes" as a medical upstart (and that is their MO, so you have to work pretty hard to stand out like this) and somehow devolves as the season progresses. In his efforts to try and make Owen look hip with alien tech, he turns Owen into a serial rapist (alright I know to become a serial anything you have to commit the crime three times, but I’m willing to bet this isn’t the first time he’s pulled off this obscene trick). How this is supposed to make the character to appeal to anybody but the most sordid of individuals baffles me, unless that is the kind of crowd that Davies was hoping to pull?

Bakugo: You try anything funny and I'll blow your ass up so bad, that they'll be piecing you back together for weeks!


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