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"Our story begins at Wrestlemania 21, where Randy Orton tried and failed to end The Undertaker's Streak. Of course, all smart fans knew there was 0% chance of Randy actually winning (mainly because he had been booked to lose; his odds would have gone up to 100% if he had been booked to win)."

"'Smarks' means "smart marks," and they are typically people who keep up on the behind-the-scenes aspects of wrestling. They know when a performer has been legitimately injured, versus a story-based fake injury. They know which performers are dating. They know that the reason Chad Wrestleman has not been on TV for a month is because he got busted for snorting oven cleaner. Wrestlers. Fucking. Hate. Smarks. Smarks are the ones who can get an entire crowd chanting about real-life controversies, right on the air."

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