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"Five hundred years and they're still 'slipping into something more comfortable'."
Buck Rogers, commenting on Princess Ardala, Buck Rogers in the Twenty-Fifth Century

"By doffing your clothes and coming to bed naked, you are sending many important messages to your partner. For one thing, you are letting him know that you feel 100 percent comfortable and safe with him, and that there is no part of your body that you want to hide. Rocking confidence like that takes guts, and it will definitely impress him - as will the view."
Dr. Laura Berman, Benefits of Sleeping in the Buff

You try to read a bit but you can't concentrate. What could they be doing in there? Your wife has never been unfaithful. Surely there can't be any hanky-panky going on... After a while, the door comes open and you catch a glimpse of your wife scurrying into the kitchen. You're shocked to see that she is wearing nothing but a lacy bra and panties.

You jump indignantly to confront her as she emerges from the kitchen to head down the hall.

"My god, what do you think your doing?" you gasp.

"Just needed more ice." she says blushing madly and holding up the ice bucket and trying to get around you.

"But where are you clothes?" you demand.

"Well... it's..." she stammers... "Look, I am perfectly comfortable dressed like this." she says nervously.

"You call that dressed? You are practically naked!" you insist trying to block her way.

"Keep your voice down, dear" she says, looking with concern down the hall toward the bedroom. "Our guests will hear you."

"Our guests!" you sputter in amazement. "What kind of shenanigans are going on in there?"

"Oh don't be silly." she says, finally managing to slip deftly by you and hurry down the hall. "What cold you possibly have to worry about?" she says feigning levity. Then she slips back into the bedroom and this time you hear her lock the door behind her.
Very Specific Porn, Your wife takes some guys into the bedroom and closes the door

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