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Quotes / Single-Biome Planet

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"I like this [swamp]," said Grakker as we stepped onto the bridge. "It looks like home."
"Do you come from a swamp planet?" I asked, thinking of some old movie I had seen.
you come from a swamp planet?" he replied.

Krayt's Mom: Krayt, listen to reason. The elders all say it's just a never-ending ocean of desert out there.
Krayt Dragon: Oh pish posh. What kind of cruel god would decreed a whole planet defined by just one topographical feature? It would be just as ridiculous as a whole world made of nothing but ice, lava, or forest!note 
Robot Chicken, "Star Wars Special, Episode 2"

"I never fully appreciated how diverse Earth is," said Proton. "Once you get out of the solar system it's ice planets, desert planets, forest planets, pleasure planets, gravel planets — all one-G worlds with a single homogenous climate and culture. It's like the rest of the universe was created by unimaginative scriptwriters on a tight deadline."
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space