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It's become so clear to me
Light fuse and get away
No gain, no pain
When it's lust to dust you can crawl from the wreckage
I can say what trust and loyalty have done for me
Lying bleeding in the dark
With a thirst for revenge and a dangerous heart
Dream Theater - "Light Fuse and Get Away"

Poets say that the world will be saved by love
But now you and I know another story....
The world, drowning in blood, is burned by war
If love were not a mere tool
But throughout the centuries, humanity has remained the same
And their love is a serf to evil and pride.
Poets say that the world will be saved by love
But this world hasn't seen pure love in ages.
Takhisis, "The Last Trial"

I hated love. I hated it because I hated youth, and love is the epitome of all a youth's hopes and dreams. People seem to think that if you hate love it's because you are lonely and you wish you had it, but it's more than that. Hating love is what makes a teenager feel morally superior.
In Yuigahama's case, I did not even think she loved me anyway. If pure, unending love existed, I had no inkling of it. All I saw of young love was people scratching each other's backs, drawn to each other only because of their selfish desire to have their existence be affirmed by another person.
So I said no, because I did not want to be fooling myself either, and Yuigahma cried as if her heart was broken.
Hachiman, "The End of the Affair"

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