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Carlson: We've developed this special equipment. Inside this camera is a hidden tape recorder. And this tape recorder actually conceals a hidden camera!
Maxwell Smart: May I ask you a question, Professor Carlson?
Carlson: Certainly.
Maxwell Smart: Why hide a tape recorder in a camera and a camera in a tape recorder? Why not just take pictures with the camera and record with the recorder?
Carlson: Because my mind doesn't work that way, that's why.
Get Smart, "The Greatest Spy on Earth"

Proton began running his hands over his clothing. "They confiscated my wristio, so we can't call out...Great Calculator, they've taken everything! Knife-rings, detonator buttons, belt-sword, trouser-fly transmitter, diamond-saw bootlaces, thermite lint, G-string abseil harness, infra-red contact lenses, my tiny glass balls filled with anesthesia gas, the synthetic strands of hair that can be joined into a 300-pound monofilament test line..." Proton lifted his shirt and stared in horror at the neat laser-scar across his stomach. "The bastards - they even removed my fake explosive appendix!"

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