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Quotes / Shapeshifters Do It for a Change

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Nale (caught making out with his succubus girlfriend disguised as a male cop): Must... resist... urge to assert... heterosexuality! For the sake... of the plan!
Sabina: Honey, I'm a shapeshifter, it's not like we never tried-
Nale: Not! Helping!

Morph: Okay, fine. How about you, Mariko? Again, I'm a shapeshifter. We can make it work. You like Jennifer Aniston, Sunfire? I can be Jennifer Aniston.
Sunfire: Don't even start on this.
Morph: Halle Berry! Lucy Liu! Princess Stephanie! The Vulcan woman from Enterprise! You've got options, woman, work with me!
Exiles #17: Wildlife Reserve

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