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GTA V has such a robotic sense of humor that Jenny McCarthy has linked it to PS3 vaccinations. If a forensic psychologist found a poem on a suicide victim called "WHY EVERYONE IN MY HIGH SCHOOL SUCKS," his summary of that poem would be identical to any gag in Grand Theft Auto V. Each one follows the same two-step structure: Clearly explain what it's mocking, then nothing else. It'd be almost sad if it wasn't so mean-spirited.

(on how to do Mark Zuckerberg)
Jesse Eisenberg: Well, I just speak in short, clipped sentences and keep my head very still... but I love your Mark Zuckerberg. How do you do it?
Sandberg: I wear this sweatshirt and I say "I am Mark Zuckerberg!"

"See it's a parody of 300, they do everything that happened in 300 only it's funny because it's not 300, it's Meet the Spartans!"

I dreamed I was in a show that constantly makes pop culture references but never really makes jokes about them...

Someone should show these two the meaning of "parody". It does not mean dress up like famous people while making fart noises. on Disaster Movie

Good parody comes from a true understanding of what you're satirizing, capturing its strengths while playfully acknowledging its flaws, and you can't do that if your concern is squeezing in reference after reference, because you don't have time to let the environment or the characters you create and/or mock sink in.


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