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Quotes / 7th Dragon

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"My name is Yuma Kisaragi." ~Yuma

"Can you...make me an adult?" ~Mio

"That was one odd motherfluffer." ~ Almighty Nagamimi

"You're smokin'!" One of the options the player can choose about a certain character

"I am The Almighty Nagamimi." ~ Almighty Nagamimi

"My name's not Bagel! It's Eigur!" ~ Bagel/Eigur

"It's my first time, so be gentle with me. Got it?" Nagamimi to the player

"When in doubt, go to the War Room." ~ Nagamimi

"Anime? No, bro. On a sunny day like this, I'd rather be outside playing soccer." ~ Talkative Man

"You don't have to kill yourself!" One of the options you can choose

"Why don't we put in some Lucier and make it a Cat Ear café?" ~ Nagamimi

"Do you want an item...or perhaps do you want me?" ~ Julietta

"Kill the rabbits!" ~ Nagamimi

"You mean Nagamimi, right?" One of the player's choices

"Gold is so cliché." ~ The player to Nyala

"The life of an individual doesn't matter." ~ Tallieri/ Depression

"Yōkosou mimi." ~ Nagamimi/ Yuu Kobayashi

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