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"Psycho Killer!
Qu'est-ce que c'est!
Better run run run run run run run away"
Talking Heads, "Psycho Killer" from Talking Heads: 77

"And no one knows a thing about my life
I can come and go as I please
And if I want to, I can stay
Oh, or if I want to, I can leave
Nobody knows me, Nobody knows me, Nobody knows me
Nobody knows me, HA! HA! Nobody knows me..."

"Just you wait, it won't be long.
The man in black will soon be here.
With his cleaver's blade so true.
He'll make mincemeat out of

"I'll put it to you this way, I love to take chances
I'll Put it to you this way, I'm a happy happy guy
I'll put it to you this way, I love little headlines:
'Unknown Caucasian Strikes One More Time'"
Sparks, "National Crime Awareness Week"

Bobby: Even if they are the serial killers, who's to say they're going to do it again?
Rebecca: Of course they're going to do it again, they're serial killers, that's why they call them serial killers, they keep doing it!

"When I first heard about the death camps in 1945, I remembered Powhatan Mill. When I see the Kurds and the Bosnians, that room is there, I tell ye. It's like all the horrible acts that humans are capable of, somehow, gave birth to some kind of human monster."
The X-Files, "Squeeze"

"Smith was raped and tortured. That's cruelty. I can understand cruelty. Tabram was killed by frenzied and repeated stabbing. That's rage, I understand that, too. This one's more... methodical. Someone near enough did surgery on this woman, I don't understand that at all."
Inspector Fred Abberline, From Hell

"There's no sense to it, and one killer without reason is an oddity, but it seems to me that it's spreading. We had a monster and we couldn't catch him. Now how many monsters are there? It's not just the Ripper anymore. Something's changed in this city and everybody knows it. They're all scared, everybody out there's scared, and it's more than we can deal with."
Inspector Blacker, The Yard

Det. Deutsch: His name is Mundt. Karl Mundt.
Det. Mastrionotti: Also known as Madman Mundt.
Deutsch: He's a little funny in the head.
Barton: What did...? What did he—
Mastrionotti: Funny. As in, he likes to ventilate people with a shotgun and then cut their heads off.
Deutsch: Yeah, he's funny that way.

Sylar: I'm not a serial killer.
Luke: But you've got a pattern. You go after specific victims. You collect mementos.
Sylar: Okay, technically, I'm a serial killer.

Bill Tench: Spree is good for Speck or Whitman. But I think sequence killer is wrong for someone like Kemper. It feels too cadenced.
Wendy Carr: Perhaps.
Holden Ford: It should feel like a long story. Continually updated.
Bill Tench: A series of killings.
Holden Ford: Serial?
Gregg Smith: Serial murderer?
Bill Tench: Serial killer?
Wendy Carr: That's better. Let's see if it sticks.

D.J.: Let me get this straight. Chris left us for dead, and now we're alone while that escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw is on the loose?
Duncan: No! We're alone while that escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook is on the lose!!

"You know what flavor of killer takes trophies, don't you? Serial. Souvenirs help them differentiate between the victims."
Sherlock Holmes, Elementary

Tailor: His eyes promise only death, and his words are worse! Is he some kind of serial killer?
Bunny: A serial killer? No, if anything, he's massively parallel.
Tailor: [deadpan] Oh. Okay.

"What about me, you ask? It's really quite simple. I love to tear the flesh of the living, to kill for the simple, intoxicating pleasure of feeling blood between my fingers...I KILL, THEREFORE, I AM!! Whethever I'm real or a human doesn't matter. I'm a killer, and that's all I need to know!"
Barry the Chopper, Fullmetal Alchemist

Meanwhile, Vaughn Parry is England's present nightmare. Above and beyond Islamic extremists with rucksacks and policemen who shoot plumbers nine times in the head for being diffusely non-white, the great fear of every right-thinking person these days is that Parry was not unique, that there lurk amid the wide wheat fields and bowling greens of the Home Counties yet more bloody-handed killers who can unlock your window catches and sneak into your room at night, the better to tear you apart. Parry is under custody for the moment, held in some high-security hospital under the scrutiny of doctors, but something in him has cut the nation deep.

Multiple murder, however, is not a new 'activity' in the social... Taking a sociological approach, Elliot Leyton claims that multiple murderers are "very much men of their time," whose individual histories are enmeshed with social histories.
—Murders and Acquisitions: Representations of the serial killer in popular culture

We are the American dreamers, driving down the holy road to true knowledge that's paved with blood and gold. And across the length and breadth of this fair country, we are killing people. We don't do it to make a living. We don' do it for revenge. We don't kill people anonymously - poisoning their aspirin, putting shards of glass in baby food. We don't drive cars onto crowded sidewalks. We don't carry guns into burger joints and blast away until a SWAT team splatters our brains all over the french fries. We do not murder for profit. We do not murder for governments or for hire. We kill to kill.
The Corinthian, The Sandman: Collectors

He opened her guts and worked away inside her, pulling at her organs. All the while, he cackled like an actor in a bad melodrama. He was Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street; he was Spring Heel'd Jack, the Terror of London; he was Sir Percival Glyde, the Spine-Snapping Baronet; he was the Wicked Squire who did for poor Maria Marten in the Red Barn; he was Varney the Vampyre, Wagner the Wehr-Wolf, jaunty Jekyll and madman Hyde, the Oxton Creeper, the Coughing Horror, the Face at the Window...


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