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    Season One 

Episode 2: I Am Also A We

Will: Oh my god, I'm losing my mind.
Jonas: No. It's just expanding.

Jonas: Well done. Yes, the connection flows both ways, which raises the question: if you're here, who's driving back there?

Episode 4: What's Going On?

Will: This is cold. How can I feel this unless I'm here?
Jonas: Because I feel it.

Episode 5: Art is Like Religion

Lito: There's a crying Korean woman—
Lito: Okay, there is a Korean woman standing next to me and she's not crying in the same way THAT I'M NOT SCREAMING!!

Episode 6: Demons

Will: Hey Diego, there's something going on with my hearing, can you pick this up for me?
Diego: Yeah... Hello?
Riley: (on phone) Ah, hi, is Will there?
Diego: Yeah, hang on. (to Will) Some chick with a weird accent...
Riley: (visiting) "Weird accent"?!
Diego: ...she sounds hooootttt!
Riley: (still visiting) ...I like him.

Episode 10: What Is Human?

Jonas: Killing is easy when you can feel nothing.

Episode 12: I Can't Leave Her

Nomi: I'm an all-access kind of girl.

Will: When did I get expensive taste?
Nomi: When I got hold of Metzger's credit cards.

    Season Two 

Episode 1: Happy F*ing New Year

Nomi: You know I heard that?
Amanita: Ohhhh, shit. I thought I turned it [a cell phone] off.
Nomi: You should leave it on. It'll give you a sense of what I'm going through.
Amanita: I could handle you, but all those other voices? I'd have lobotomized myself by now.
Nomi: I'm kinda getting the hang of it. Lito can be a bit of a handful sometimes.
Amanita: Drama queen?
Nomi: Definitely.
Will: ...tell us something about your beautiful wife.
Whispers: I'm not wearing a ring, Will.
Will: No. But you are wearing a tan line, meaning you removed it before you walked in here and that you had a holiday recently. And being someone who knows something about these kinds of organizations, I would bet you were asked to take a voluntary leave after you fucked up in Iceland.

Episode 3: Obligate Mutualisms

Will: (to the cluster) He (Whispers)'s got this kinda sad, lonely dog look...
Entire Cluster: (laughter)

Mrs. Cho: And now, life is a big trap, made up of little traps... If you listen hard... sometimes you could hear them snap shut.


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