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"The Hyper Battle of Bursting Breasts!"note 
The official genre classification.

"Kagura Director Thought Of Nintendo 3DS; 3D Breasts 30 Seconds Later"
Siliconera news title

"The developers report the trailer caused so much interest that their company Internet connection slowed to a crawl and they had to begin directing the eager one-handed masses to externally hosted versions."
Sankaku Complex, report upon the trailer's release

"But... I thought we already localized TITS!"
Xseed Games, in response to people requesting the game's localization.

"Oh my god thank you so much. Seriously I'm dying to know when i can buy this I'll put down money right now for the super special awesome booby-bounce edition with artbook on Blu-ray."

The SENRAN KAGURA series will continue to run non-stop.
That is the calling of a Ninja.
They run faster and jump higher than anyone.
They can easily jump over everyone's expectations
These games still have the potential to grow big and large
Just like the girls' chests.
Tits are life. Ass is hometown
Kenichiro Takaki, Special Thanks on Let's Get Physical edition of Shinovi Versus.


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