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This movie seems to use the Friedberg/Seltzer method of parodying material that the writers have never seen!

Satire and parody are more complicated than Scary Movie 11 would have you believe. You need to do more than point at social trends and call a dwarf casting agency.

Look, these are just the same scenes with idiot pratfalls thrown in! That's not satire or parody!
Film Brain, during his review of Epic Movie

They write lazily, they steal with impunity, and they take money brazenly. They don't seem to care if they entertain anybody, so long as they get paid.
The Agony Booth's recap of Epic Movie

Friedberg and Seltzer do not practice the same craft as P.T. Anderson, David Cronenberg, Michael Bay, Kevin Costner, the Zucker Brothers, the Wayans Brothers, Uwe Boll, any dad who takes shaky home movies on a camping trip, or a bear who turns on a video camera by accident while trying to eat it. They are not filmmakers. They are evildoers, charlatans, symbols of Western civilization's decline under the weight of too many pop culture references.
Slate critic Josh Levin on the duo

There’s no nice way to say this, so I’ll just say it: Writer/directors Friedberg and Seltzer are a scourge. They’re a plague on our cinematic landscape, a national shame, a danger to our culture, a typhoon-sized natural disaster disguised as a filmmaking team, a Hollywood monster wreaking havoc on the minds of America’s youth and setting civilization back thousands of years. This is exactly why they’re so successful […]
Josh Rosenblatt during his review of Disaster Movie

"It really shows how stunningly lazy the so-called 'writing' is on this movie when they're stealing a joke from the very movie they're supposedly satirising! Shameless! Simply shameless!"
Film Brain, again

Y'know, usually when you make a spoof movie, you take movies that take themselves too seriously and you satirize the subject. You don't take comedies and make a less-funny version of that.
Jason Steele's thoughts on Epic Movie during Knox Kast Radio Ep. 38

Two of my friends said they went to see Meet the Spartans… One went high, the other went clean… Neither laughed…
GameFAQs poster MarvelousGerbil

Friedberg and Seltzer could be nice guys in real life […] but as so-called writer-directors, they are cretins whose sensibilities never rise above that of a messily overflowing sewer and whose intelligence borders between that of a three-eyed inbred sheep's [sic] and a human vegetable. They do not make films; they make inconceivable, incomprehensible freak shows as unimaginably inept on every level as anything else being released to multiplexes in the twenty-first century.
Dustin Putman on them

[EXT. Day- A FART NOISE is heard.]
A Wayans Brother: Daaamn. Now THAT's what I call a Big Momma's House!
[We see someone dressed like Martin Lawrence as a woman in Big Momma's House]
Big Momma: Oh no you didn't! Now where's my Austin Powers?
[We see Austin Powers. Actually Austin Powers. Just him, Mike Meyers as Austin Powers, not deconstructing or commenting on anything, they just got him for this movie.]
Austin Powers: Don't you mean Lady Gaga?
A Wayans Brother Dressed as Lady Gaga: (in a Bill Clinton voice) I did not have sexual relations with that Charlie Sheen.
Charlie Sheen: (To camera) Busted!
Cracked, 3 Movies They Don't Make Anymore (But Really Should), showing an accurate portrayal of what counts as "humor" in Seltzer and Friedberg's moviesnote 


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