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"They tried. It started in secret, with the Illuminati. When they discovered that universes were colliding, the smartest and very best of us attempted to save everyone. They tried everything to prevent the incursions. The improbable... the impossible. And then eventually, the unthinkable—destroying worlds! It was too much. And these great men who had done such great things... they all broke. They splintered. And in their absence something worse took their place—the Cabal. Everything turned upside down and inside out. Including these people who had once been colleagues and friends. They tried as hard as they could. Just like anybody would. It just wasn’t enough."
—Franklin Richards

"We know so much more than we understand. But we know so little [...] Many believe the white light you see when you die is the supercharged electric whimper of a desperate and dying brain. Synaptic death. But it’s not. That brilliant blinding light is God. And he has been with us all along."
—Opening Narration

"You humans and your unseemly theatrics. There is no honor in running from death. People should know when their time is up."

"'Finish' implies your task was uncompleted, General. It implies a failure of action or understanding of purpose. Let me assure you... this was always how it was going to end. You bought us no little bit of time. And that was remarkable for one whose time had long passed. Let me show you what I’ll build on your ruins."
—Reed Richards, Earth-1610

Gentlemen. They say that when you die, you can’t take it with you. Which begs the question. Exactly what am I gonna do with all these bullets?”

"I do remember when comic books were only a dollar! A dollar’s worth of crap!"
—Rocket Raccoon

"You spend your entire life looking for that one perfect someone. And when you find her, you think you'll never love anything more. Then you have children, and you realize what a fool you were to believe that. And now, I have lost everything. We have all lost everything. My entire life I believed in better days ahead. I believed in tomorrow. I hid that belief in my heart—a stronghold against a world that devours hope. But now the walls have fallen. I have been overrun. And I hope... I believe... in nothing."
—Reed Richards, Earth-616

"[...]And when we disagree, I remember that I could have been God. And not you."
—Sheriff Strange

"If you had the power... if you had the means... if you were the one playing God and the world you want is not the world you have... don’t you have a responsibility to burn it down and raise up something better? Isn’t that the real burden that comes with the kind of power Doom has? Isn’t it the burden of power I have?"

—God Emperor Doom

"I can’t help but notice you decided to put yourself on a throne."
—Reed Richards-616

"Yeah we’re all absolutely shocked by that. Just floored."
—Spider-Man/Peter Parker

"All this power. You’re still afraid of him."
—Sheriff Strange

"Doom has asked you to live on your knees. Every day of this life, he's beaten you as you lie there. What do you do? You stand up. What time is it, Ben Grimm? What time is it?"
—Thanos to Ben Grimm/the Shield

"I am betrayed." Again.
—God Emperor Doom

"Your king is waiting for an answer."
—Namor, to the Zombies

"The Maestro's ship is coming down!"
"Alas, I cannot. How embarrassing."
— Thor-616, Captain Marvel-616, and Baron Sinister.

"Valeria. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Hello, Susan."
—Reed Richards-616.

"I used to believe in universal contraction. Entropy and the end of all things. Well, I've changed my mind. I'm letting go. Because now I believe in expansion I believe we endure. Don't you see? Everything lives."
—Reed Richards-616.

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