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"I leave it till the last minute. And then I leave it some more. Eventually, I leave it till I'm desperate. ... I always think, I'm not ready to write it, I don't know what I'm doing, it's just a jumble of thoughts in a state of flux, there's no story, I don't know how A connects to B, I don't know anything! I get myself into a genuine state of panic. ... Normally, I'll leave it till the deadline, and I haven't even started writing. This has become, over the years, a week beyond the deadline, or even more. It can be a week—or weeks—past the delivery date, and I haven't started writing. In fact, I don't have delivery dates any more. I go by the start-of-preproduction date. I consider that to be my real deadline. And then I miss that. It's a cycle that I cannot break. I simply can't help it. It makes my life miserable."
Russell T Davies (when asked how he knows when to start writing)

"I hate the idea that I have to represent any particular section of society; I just write good telly, that's all."
Russell T Davies

''"If you channel-hop on a Saturday night, you're up against the big Light Entertainment shows, like Ant and Dec, with a shiny black floor and a huge audience. With background music behind everything. They're phenomenally loud, those shows, and I believe that's what draws an audience. So we decided to make Doctor Who (2005) really noisy.
Russell T Davies

"Before we started, we talked a lot about "eccentricity". Well, the Doctor's got two hearts. He's 900 years old. And he travels in time and space. He doesn't need funny clothes."
Russell T Davies

"I sit there in the editing room saying 'Don't cut that joke! Cut the plot, cut the murder, cut the story, but don't cut the joke."
Russell T Davies

"The audience doesn't care about the Zogs from Planet Zog."
Davies while talking about a more earth-bound Doctor Who.

"Oh, and five seconds of fury, because a blog on Media Guardian says I made the show 'too childish, too camp and too gay.' TOO GAY? What the hell does 'too gay' mean? Seriously?"
The Writer's Tale

"...Russell T Davies is not actually a human being but a nicotine golem with a propensity for writing."

"Saving it from extinction."
Frank Cottrell-Boyce, when asked what Davies' greatest contribution to British television was.


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