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Web Animation

That's what I always hate about revivals of really old franchises: the creators are always just a little bit too much in love with the subject matter. That's why everyone in the new Doctor Who spends all their time alternating between sucking the Doctor's balls and asking for more.

Web Original

Hey guys, your friend Steven Moffat here. I’m pretty busy working on Sherlock now, but I thought I’d drop by Tumblr with a friendly warning.

For God’s sake, don’t make Peter Capaldi mad. Don’t do it. Don’t you do it.

He’s not like normal actors. He reads *everything*. Livejournal, Insanejournal, Dreamwidth… he’s everywhere. He wrote a 49-chapter fic about Donna Noble and a female Sixth Doctor in a lesbian relationship, for Christ’s sake, and it was *good*! If you anger him, he will come for you in the night!

Always at night. Never during the day. We think this may be a weakness, but it could just be his own sadistic choice.

All he wants—all he’s ever wanted—was to be the Doctor. God help us. God help us all, the things he’s done. You think Matt Smith wanted to leave? He woke up one morning and found that all the hair had been shaved from his head, with Peter Capaldi sitting at the foot of his bed, stroking it like a pet.

I once asked Christopher Eccleston why he wouldn’t come back for the 50th Anniversary Special. He didn’t answer, only asked a question. “Is Peter Capaldi there?” I didn’t answer, but my silence told him everything. He’s still in America, playing the bad guy in sci-fi movies. He’s safe there. At least, I hope he is.

You think John Hurt was in the Special? It was Capaldi. He was wearing John’s skin. I didn’t even know until it was time for his close-up. Then he… he took it off. I remember, he said “I am everything.” That close-up wasn’t for the cameras. It was how he looked at all of us… all those who doubted.
Tumblr ultimatum

Smith's writing on Batman is marked by nothing so much as a pervasive immaturity. He writes like a 13-year-old in every possible way...trivia and minutiae, the things that every kid obsesses over, are a substitute for storytelling and that all will be forgiven if you throw some old Catwoman costumes and draw the Batcave with some stuff from the TV show in the background.

Awesome, canon being written by the people who think that turbolaser bolts must have an invisible component that fires ahead of the visible beam because of a slight mistiming in a few VFX elements in a 30-year-old movie.
Something Awful forum poster McSpanky, hearing that a Star Wars technical manual was written by a Star Wars fansite admin

Data: Shouldn't I go? Or a commando team? What's up with this "mano a mano," "I must face him alone" shit? You're not a Jedi Knight, you know.
Picard: I know. But this is what happens when you let fanboys write scripts.

...I think there’s a great cautionary tale here about what happens when you listen to the fans. Because the hardcore followers of any franchise, Star Trek or otherwise, who make the most noise are generally the ones most bogged down by their own personal hang-ups and obsessions, and therefore the least capable of knowing what would make for a good story.

Web Video

I even wrote a script! Let's see, uh... (looks at paper) "Lupa and 90's Kid start making out." Oh, wait, that's my fanfiction. (looks at another paper) Ah, here it is! "90's Kid and Lupa start making out!"

Have you ever read one of those Yu-Gi-Oh! fan fics where the author clearly has no friggin' clue about story structure whatsoever, and they end up making me and the pharaoh long lost brothers, and then they completely forget to stick any card games into the plot?

Real Life

It seems like the next generation of anime and video games were designed by people who grew up wanting to make anime and video games, rather than make japanese animation and learn video game design; if that makes any sense.
Something Awful Forum post.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

"You could say that any Batman fan writing a Batman comic is writing fan fiction."

Rene Echevarria, ditto. When he was in high school the man owned his own TOS uniform. Hans Beimler was raised on TOS (in Spanish, the way God intended it to be heard). Frankly, since I’d only seen every episode five or six times growing up, I sometimes felt TOS deficient.
Robert Hewitt-Wolfe

There is a large nostalgic component in there and there's nothing wrong with it. But if those people then begin to influence the books themselves or increasingly the movies or the television series then they will want their story to refer to stories that they remember. It becomes very incestuous and over a few decades you get a very limited dwindling gene pool. And you get stories that have become weak through inbreeding.

The trouble is, in my opinion, that the fans have taken over the comic books. They're comic fans, they've grown up on comic books, some of them have read nothing but comic books. They are writing comic books and drawing comic books for other comic-book fans to enjoy... and so they say the Cosmic Cube has reappeared and all the comic-book fans get a tingle because they know what the Cosmic Cube is and what the Cosmic Cube does. But a person picking up a comic book for the first time, the reference to the Cosmic Cube is going to go right past him.
Rick Norwood, "Hot Tips from Top Comics Creators"


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