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"You can tell these three characters are important, because they have the silliest outfits."

"Even by the time I had lovely, expensive things, I still wore them recklessly, not at all smart. I realised that if you’ve got fabulous gear on, especially as a man who’s an alien, you can wear it terribly casually. The very casualness of it draws attention to it. If you’re wearing cashmere or silk, the buttons don’t need to be done up right.”
Tom Baker on the costume worn by the Fourth Doctor in Doctor Who, Doctor Who Magazine 427

"THOSE UGLY HATS. That would be the first thing I’d bring up in an intervention! 'Johnny, your drinking is out of control, but we’ll get to that in a second. We need to talk about your collection of moth-eaten dumpster fedoras.'” Those hats are no good, and I fully believe they’re the source of Johnny’s downfall. Take a look at mid-90s Johnny Depp: career was good, super hot, Winona Forever, and no stupid hats. Then look at mid-00s Johnny Depp: wears hats he dug out of the trash, makes shitty movies, left his wife for his 28-year-old co-star, gets drunk at awards shows. It’s the hats, I tells ya! The hats!"

"This girl is wearing every piece of jewelry she owns! She looks like she went to Claire's, fell on a sales rack, and said 'I'll take it!'"
Ru Pauls Drag Race contestant Bianca del Rio on fellow contestant Joslyn Fox

Following Rei into the shop, what happened next was a descent into a surreal world of Rei getting excited and happy as she almost maniacally went through dozens of second or even third hand outfits before assembling a wardrobe that could best be described of as “fabulously ghetto". It was an embracement of urban decay and poverty by a very wealthy individual.
Rei left the shop wearing a light, frilly Western style bridesmaid’s dress, a battered looking long jacket that had probably been donated to charity by a dead hobo, a paint-stained grey toque, threadbare red gloves with the fingers cut off, and combat boots two sizes too big for Rei that had probably first seen use shortly after Second Impact. The rest of her purchases were similarly eclectic, and Rei had actually asked to see some of the items that they store had been considering tossing as being too badly damaged to sell.
Everyone but Shinji just looked at Rei in exasperation at her bizarre choices.


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