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"Happiness won't just walk into your life on its own. But neither will unhappiness. Wouldn't you agree? So, if you don't want trouble in your life... then you'd best stay still and not move a muscle."
Magicant citizen, MOTHER

"Ninten can flee to Magicant whenever he's lost, low on HP, or in over his head. Once the Onyx Hook is in his possession, Magicant is only just a couple of button presses away. You can come and go as often as you like, and stay for as long as you please... Retreating to Magicant has a very practical drawback: it comes at a considerable cost in time. Although you can enter Magicant from almost any location at almost any moment, there is only one way out, and it always drops you out in Rural America at the same spot. The trip from Magicant is always tougher and much longer than the trip to Magicant − especially when you have to hike three towns over to get back to where you were."
Pat R. on the symbolism of Magicant

"Behind the Candelabra could almost be a vampire story. Liberace/Lee is something of an ageless figure, rendered immortal by a maxed-out level of fame, and veiled beneath wigs and plastic surgery. Matt Damon’s Scott, meanwhile, is hand-plucked from normality into Lee’s world, and enormous mansion, until he’s eventually replaced by a younger model, the way his predecessor was, and released back into the wild, irrevocably changed into what Lee made him. So far, so Vlad."

"I took Arthur and Ken to the Luau in Beverly Hills, a Polynesian restaurant with a huge ship's wheel in front. 'This is the ship of state!' shouted Ken, and tried to turn the wheel (to the right, let me say, for the symbolically inclined), but as the wheel was permanently moored, he broke off several spokes."
Gore Vidal, Palimpsest

"Kinski recognizes that the true terror of Nosferatu lies in his weakness, his slavery to his perverse condition. Kinski’s vampire whines and shuffles and writhes, sickly and listless, until his appetites get the better of him and drive him into sudden fits of violently predatory, carnal, pathetic bloodsucking. It’s the gentle neighborhood junkie who nods at you politely for two months and suddenly, with thick greasy sweat and trembling hands, puts an ice pick to your neck and apologizes as he takes your wallet. "
Citra Wilson, "Devoured By Demons"

"Napier seems to have a fondness for a deck of playing cards, particularly The Joker in the pack, but I’m sure this will never become poetically apropos."

Cracked: Now, regarding Gwen Stacy: I don't know if you noticed this, but her valedictorian speech at your high school graduation was entirely about death.
Spider-Man: I actually did notice how weird that was. An overachieving high school student rambling to her peers about how death is inevitable right as she graduates high school would send up all kinds of mental health red flags.

David: The UTHOR even falls off of the company logo, and there’s a big X behind it, so it looks like LEXCORP conveniently.
Chris: Except without an E, because they couldn’t figure out how to make their bad idea really work, but went with it anyway. Smallville in a nutshell, folks.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Finale")

"A discussion about the nature of eternity, set against a blank, featureless void: Behold the beginning of the transformation of the Family Circus into Existential Despair Comics."

"[Authors] aren't doing it so that your English teachers have something to torture you with. They're doing it, at least if they're doing it on purpose, so that the story can have a bigger and better life in your mind. But for the record, the question of whether or not they're doing it on purpose is NOT A VERY INTERESTING QUESTION... Whether an author intended a symbolic resonance in their work is irrelevant... The book does not exist for the benefit of the author. The book exists for the benefit of you."
John Green


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