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”We met while filming All About Eve. I was Margo Channing, and he was my director, Bill Sampson. We fell in love with each other in the film and in real life. We then got married in real life. But he thought he was marrying Margo, and I thought I was marrying Bill. It wasn’t long before he found out I wasn’t Margo, and he was certainly no Bill Sampson.”

Why is she HS of the Week? Because not only is Lesley-Anne the epitome of glamour, but she’s also a homewrecker! While Lesley was shooting North and South back when she still had her original face, she did illegal sexy times with the cinematographer. They both left their spouses for each other and are still together. We all know I have a fascination with bull dozer vaginas.
Michael K., "Hot Slut of the Week: Lesley-Anne Down"

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