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In the amount of time it takes your brain to recognize the first two characters of this text box as the word "in," the following dialog, along with all of the missing diagrammatic subtext, handshake protocols, 5-space mathematical constructs, and more could have taken place at least a million times.

I've been considering that. And by "considering" I mean to say that I have been crunching more data than you will read in two lifetimes.

In an instant Data realised he would not make it in time (as he also realised the answer to that annoying fractal equation that had been bugging him for the past 0.77609 of a second, added a new verse to his 'Ode to My Cat Spot', calculated the optimal plasma mix for Voyager's warp engines, and dictated an extensive Last Will and Testament that among other things left his positronic brain to the Daystrom Institute, his personal effects to Geordi LaForge, and his fully functional artificial testicles to Ensign Harry Kim who, according to the Doctor, could 'do with some balls').
It Was Your Blood (Part Spoof), a Star Trek: Voyager Parody Fic

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