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"Batman needs a Robin"

He needs a partner again. Someone to care about... someone who cares about him.
Tim Drake, New Titans #61, to Nightwing

Tim: I never thought of becoming Robin, but with you training me, I can do it. Batman has to have a Robin.
Batman: Where is that written in stone? There’s no more need for there to be a Robin–
Alfred: –than there is for a Batman?
Tim: B-batman, it’s hard for me to say this to you–but since Jason…died, everyone’s noticed how you’ve…changed. You need someone to make you slow down just a bit and wonder what could happen. I mean, how many times have you been hurt these past months?
Batman: So, for my sake, I should put some child in danger?
Tim: No, that’s not it-
Batman: This isn’t a discussion.
Tim: Then if not for you–for those criminals you hunt down. You want them to think they can get away with murder? Batman, if they think they can kill someone like Robin–who are they going to hunt down next? I don’t know why you decided to wear that costume — but it made you a symbol. Just as Robin was a symbol. Or Superman, or Nightwing or the policeman who wears his uniform. and this isn’t just a symbol of the law, it’s a symbol of justice. When one policeman is killed others take his place, because justice can’t be stopped. And Batman needs a Robin. No matter what he thinks he wants.''
Tim Drake, Batman (Vol. 1) #442, to Batman (the original speech)

Robin is a symbol just as much as Batman is. It isn’t just a symbol of the law, it’s a symbol of justice. And Batman needs a Robin.
Tim Drake, Young Justice Secret Origins – 80 Page Giant: Little Wing, to Batman

Dick: So, why do you keep on doing it? You’re almost fifteen, Tim. You should be burning out your brain cells on a Playstation–or hanging out at the mall scoping girls at the gap. Anything but sparring with nutjobs from Arkham.
Tim: Dick, I’ve seen parts of the world people have only dreamed about. I lived through the Clench and the mother of all earthquakes. My social life may be a mess, but I make a difference. Maybe someday I’ll realize how insane it is and give it all up. Get married. Settle down. But for now, Batman needs a Robin. Gotham needs a Robin. I need Robin.
Robin III, Tim Drake, Young Justice Secret Origins – 80 Page Giant: Little Wing

"Tim clung to a theory that Batman needs a Robin. More than just for a legacy, but as a balance."
Bruce Wayne (Batman #617 – Batman: Hush Chapter Ten: The Grave)

You’ve lost so much…we both have…but you…your parents, your friends, now Batman… I want to be here for you. I don’t want to lose you, too. Remember when you told me how you became Robin? You said that Batman needed a Robin. So what happens when Robin needs a Robin?
Cassandra Sandsmark, Red Robin #3 – The Grail: Part Three of Four, to Tim Drake

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