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Quotes / Rewarding Vandalism

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Dr. Silas, we have found the entrance to the legendary City of Gold.
Very well, if what I have found out is right, I should be able to open it with these two items. This day shall be remembered forever in the history of Archaeology! [opens door, enters and sees the huge bombed room]
— Youtube user DMIIvid on Spelunky in the City of Gold level

"I didn't even know you could search rooms, and then I sort of accidentally kicked a nightstand and something fell out of it. And actually, this is what you spend the majority of the game doing: Just running around, kicking everything to find items. I mean, that's a great cop right? Harry just rips open your door with a crowbar, runs inside, and just starts kicking your shit open and blowing open your safes with plastic explosives. No wonder everyone wants this guy dead! He just runs in and wrecks your goddamn house!"
Noah "Spoony One" Antwiler on Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs to the NES

"Just like in The Legend of Zelda, it's our mortal enemy, pottery!"
Chuggaaconroy, "Okami, Episode 1"

"In a world where you can turn over any rock and find a dollar, I don't know why anyone even attempts the facade of a currency-based economy."

"I've heard tell that you were seen near the monastery not long after folks noticed the fire. I'm not saying you did it, but I'm glad you did. That place was a menace to our town."


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