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Quotes / Removing the Head or Destroying the Brain

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"You should have gone for the head."

"If you kill the brain (Bang!)
then you kill the ghoul (Bang!)
and its motor functions!
Aim for the head."

Leon S. Kennedy: Those infected by this virus will attack other people — anyone, without exception. In all cases, the people bitten become infected themselves and go on to attack others. The only way to stop the spread of infection is to destroy the infectee's brains.
Angela Miller: Destroy their... brains?
Leon S. Kennedy: Shoot them in the head.

The Flash: How do we fight it, or them?
Mophir: Two ways. Pure light from Mophir's gem drives evil spirits back into Dark Heart.
The Flash: Great. What's the second way?
Mophir: Separate host head from body.

"How do you kill what's already dead?
Aim for the head!"

"Aim for the head!"
"What? How do you know?"
"I have seen human horror films... at drive-in theaters!"
Knock-Out and Starscream, Transformers: Prime

"Decapitation is effective, but then decapitation is effective against most things."
Kenspeckle Grouse, Skulduggery Pleasant

"We talk about it today as if it is some feat of magic, like holy water or a silver bullet, but why wouldn’t destruction of the brain be the only way to annihilate these creatures? Isn’t it the only way to annihilate us as well? ...Isn’t that all we are? Just a brain kept alive by a complex and vulnerable machine we call the body? The brain cannot survive if just one part of the machine is destroyed or even deprived of such necessities as food or oxygen. That is the only measurable difference between us and “The Undead.” Their brains do not require a support system to survive, so it is necessary to attack the organ itself."
Jurgen Warmbrunn, World War Z

"The solution to enemies who heal annoyingly fast is always, always decapitation. That's why swords will never go out of style."


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