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Hiding in cover, behind my wall I will hover,
And in a couple of seconds, I will be fully recovered.
Miracle of Sound, Shooter Guy

You don't have to worry about health
if you're retarded, or lousy at stealth.
Just get behind cover
if you're in a bother
and it'll all come back by itself.
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw describing regenerating health in Wolfenstein (2009)

I have a theory that every bad guy in a modern shooter, they fill their bullets, not with lead, but with this toxin that causes color-blindness in small amounts, and in large amounts will lead to death... but it's quickly metabolized by the body, y'see.
General Ironicus, during Chip Cheezum's Let's Play of Rogue Warrior

This protective coating of strawberry love juice on your screen guarantees those pesky flesh wounds will magically heal themselves! So real!
—Fake "DLC Microtransaction Store", Postal 2

Funny thing, really: get to a high enough level and you're basically untouchable! My wounds heal faster than you can make them! We could do this all day and you would not be any closer to beating me, not that it wouldn't be fun.
Kirito, Sword Art Online Abridged, after being zerged by seven Titan's Hand members to no avail

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