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"Even though it may be a clever joke or a nod to the original, all it does is make you wish you watching the original instead. It's as if the best part of the movie is seeing the first movie within the movie, and that's the only good part, and for that it doesn't count."

"How can you make a Double Dragon arcade game movie based on the Double Dragon arcade game if the Double Dragon arcade game is in the background?! Has everybody lost their minds?! It's like seeing Frodo in JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings movies reading the book: JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings! It makes no sense! The movie's universe should have just imploded! They should have been moseying along saying their dialogue until... DOES NOT COMPUTE *Earth-Shattering Kaboom*"

Colonel Sandurz: Pardon me, sir. I have an idea. Corporal, get me the video cassette of Spaceballs: The Movie.
Corporal: Yes, sir. (searches a Mr. Rental shelf full of Mel Brooks films and reading each title) The Producers, Twelve Chairs, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein...
Dark Helmet: Colonel Sandurz, may I speak with you, please?
Colonel Sandurz: Yes, sir!
Dark Helmet: How can there be a cassette of Spaceballs: The Movie? (Aside Glance) We're still in the middle of making it!
Colonel Sandurz: Well, that's true, sir, but there's been a new breakthrough in home video marketing.
Dark Helmet: There has?
Colonel Sandurz: Yes! Instant cassettes. They're out in stores before the movie is finished!
Dark Helmet: Nah!


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