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Quotes / Raving Lunacy

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"You know that I cannot
You know that I may
You know you're responsible
of gettin' away"
- You Know

"All these people want my legs
Detached shins and thighs in kegs

All these people want my arms
Want them for their own arms race

All these people want my head
Want my head upon a stake
Want my head upon a stake
Because they have so many things at stake"
- Conspiracy

"[...] it looks like it's from another dimension,
But either way
I just wanna say
Don't buy shit
It only encourages them."
- Non-Falling Towel

"She's a girl.
And she's an elf.
She kicks ass.
She's Archerus Peurce!"
- Archerus Peurce

- The River Giant

"I'm sure I'll suffer culture shock and suffocate inside,
but at least I'll be filthy rich and party with the babes (someone please call Keira Knightley)."
- Embarking on a Dream

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