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Quotes / Rabbit of Seville

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Bugs: How do?
Welcome to my shop.
Lemme cut yer mop,
Lemme shave yer crop,
Daintily, daintily.

Hey, you!
Don't look so perplexed.
Why must you be vexed?
Can't you see yer next?
Yes, yer next.
You're so next.

How about a nice close shave?
Teach yer whiskers to behave.
Lots o' lather, lots o' soap.
Please hold still. Don't be a dope.
Now we're ready for da scrapin',
Dere's no use to try escapin',
Yell an' scream an' rant an' rave.
It's no use you need a shave...

Elmer: Ooch! Ouch! Ouch! Ooh! Ouch! Ooh! Ooh! Ouch!

Bugs: Dere.
Yer nice and clean,
Aldough yer face looks like it might have gone tru a ma-chine.

Elmer: Ohhhhhhhh, wait'll I get that waaaaaaaaaabbit!
Bugs: Whaaaaaaaat would you want wid a waaaaaaaaaabbit?
Can't you see dat I'm much sweeter?
I'm your little señoriter.
You are my type of guy.
Lemme straighten yer tie
And I shall dance fer you.

Bugs (Final line, spoken instead of sung): Next!